BACG is a law and consultancy firm that has been actively operating in the Azerbaijani market for almost nine years with a successful trace of participation in and completion of different business projects. From the first day of its establishment, BACG’s main purpose is to help actual and potential foreign investors realize their major project goals in Azerbaijan, through its highly skilled experts having profound understanding of the local business climate.

As a result of an extensive and valuable experience gained by working in the Azerbaijani market for years, BACG understands the organic regulatory environment of the country, and is able to help you navigate through shifting organizational structures and bureaucratic processes.

The majority of our clients include multinational corporations, foreign governments, foreign non-governmental organizations and their branches and representative offices in Azerbaijan, likewise, foreign and local companies from diverse market sectors, including energy, IT, engineering, construction, advertising, health, education and publishing.

Covering a wide range of industries and commercial activities, BACG tailors its services to meet your individual needs with practical, straightforward legal advice and works alongside you to achieve your most demanding objectives by staying loyal to its uncompromising mission “To Help Our Clients Succeed!”


Professional ApproachProfessional approach

We do not waste our time by sorting out the importance of queries from our clients but strive to approach all of them in a timely manner, with due understanding and responsibility without classification of their importance.



We know that it is just a matter of time before you start to feel confident in our reliability whilst you are working with us.

Practical SolutionsPractical solutions

The BACG team is always looking forward to finding permanent and grounded solutions, which do not only save the day, but also help to prevent possible future problems.

Cost -effectivenessCost-effectiveness

We always build our relations with clients based on a mere purpose of achieving a long-lasting co-operation, which is far more valuable for us than a one-time gain.


BACG experts are committed to helping their clients with legal and technical/maintenance related issues and meet their needs on different areas of law and consultancy, mainly including the following practice areas.

Employment & Migration law

BACG provides legal support in all aspects of the employment and migration law. Our lawyers provide legal services in the controversial areas of Azerbaijan’s labor and migration law, particularly, in the field of construction and oil/gas sector.

Construction & Licenses/Permits

BACG experts provide legal support starting from the initial engineering survey and design through to the acceptance of facilities by the Government of Azerbaijan. We have obtained numerous approvals to ensure successful facility commissioning and project sustainability for our clients.

Tax and Accountancy

A professional team of tax consultants/accountants at BACG provides specialized accounting and tax services for national and multinational corporates and equity clients. Our tax experts and accountants are ready to work and assist your entity to be compliant with international and national accounting policies and laws by solving all accounting issues in different job sectors such as construction, logistics and so on.

Intellectual Property Rights

The BACG legal team contains specialists on provision of services related to registration of IPRs and protection of rights and interests of right holders and other authorized users. Our experienced legal consultants have extensive legal knowledge and practical experience in documentation and registration of the main forms of IPRs such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Corporate Law

Throughout its operation in the local market, the BACG legal team has consulted/assisted a variety of clients on drafting required documents relating to the establishment of commercial and non-commercial legal entities in Azerbaijani. In the form of limited liability partnerships, joint stock companies, branches and representative offices of foreign companies. Moreover, our legal team advises and assists clients with reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy procedures.

In-Country Maintenance & Engineering Support

BACG were involved with the program support of several international projects, under the Umbrella Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan Concerning Cooperation in the Area of the Counter-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Defense Activities signed on September 28, 1999.

The BACG maintenance team is responsible for functionality and alignment of Radiation Portal Monitors installed at the border crossing points of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The firm has a strong technical team, which consists of civil and electric engineers, IT and radiation specialists. BACG has a license from the relevant state agency for source handling.

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